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Sperm Automatic Detecting Analysis System
Brief introduction
        Semen analysis is the most basic and supreme examination method for judging and evaluating male fertility.with the rapid development of reproduction medicine,the request for a consensus opinion for the objective determination of all semen parameters and its standardized has also been strengthened.Though the World Health Organization(WHO) has published for many times the human semen inspection handbook,aiming at promoting the normalization and standardization of this iespection, the traditional man-made semen analysis method is affected by many factors such as laboratory condition and the experience of technicians.therefore it is hard to achieve goals.
        As being affected by many factors,nowdays the clinical used human semen analysis method has difficulty in accurately and objectively inspecting all parameters,especially the analysis of sperm motility rate and activity,which is in large degree depended on the experience and subjective judgement.semen automatic analysis system can effectively ocercome the above shortcomings.By adopting micro camera,computer can quickly analyze the sperm running locus and speed in many vision fields.through the clinical application of authority departments such as the third affiliated hospitals of Peking Medical University, the chinese people '''' s liberation army general hospital,national reproductive center,it is thought that sperm automatic inspection analysis system uses the modern computer technique and advanced image processing system in the analysis of sperm quality,and the results showed that this detecting system had good reproducibility and detecting results consistency under different enlargement factor.In clinical inspection,comparing with classic man-made detecting method ,its sperm density, motility rate and A+B vigor percentage parameter have good correlation.what¡¯s more,semen automatic analysis system can record aperm movement locus in three seconds,and its movement locus graph can reflect sperm''''s true movement condition and provide convenience for clinical detection and researchers'''' teaching and training.The analysis system has high reproducibility¡¢good comparability¡¢easy operation,can reduce the error of human operation and print¡¢store¡¢inquest report so that it can offer convenience for clinical and research comparison and analysis.The application of sperm automatic detection and analysis system creates condition for the scientization¡¢normalization and standardization of clinical and research semen normal analysis.
Main Function
        This system mainly implements semen testing index as following:
  • Automatic computer testing: curve motion--average speed,total sperm count, total motile sperm count,motility rate of curve motion.
  • Rectilinear motion--average speed,total sperm count, total motile sperm count,motility rate of rectilinear motion
  • Average path motion-- curve motion--average speed,total sperm count, total motile sperm count,motility rate of average path
  • classified statistics of sperm motion speed ---a grade quick prorsad motility rate,b grade slow prorsad motility rate,c grade non- prorsad movement rate and d grade extremely slow or immobility rate
  • Sperm density
  • Sperm sideswing value
  • Sperm wobble ability
  • Sperm caning frequency
  • Linear velocity
  • Sperm average movement angle
  • Rectilinear motion sperm number
  • Rectilinear motion rate, total sperm number
  • Detecting time
  • The above items have 25 items measurement value
Subjective Testing Items
  • Other ingredients of semen¡ªendothelial cell,akaryocyte, leukocyte
  • Teratosperm number¡ªhead teratosperm number,tail teratosperm number, body teratosperm number,combined teratosperm number
  • Teratosperm rate
  • Sperm appearance,sperm viscidity
  • Semen amoune,detect dilution radio
  • Sperm smell,taking method
  • Sperm pH,sperm-taking date and time
  • Continence time,patients¡¯ basic data
Main Specifications
  • Permitted gathering amount(entries) of sample:1-1000(or more)
  • The range of detecting speed(µm/s):0-180
  • The gathering amplitude number of images(hardwood):0-75
  • The diameter resolution of particles(µm):3-50
  • The time of acquisition and analysis(s):1-5 or longer
  • Group number of image acquisition(group):1-10
  • During the system''''s design process,we fully consider the practical need of basic clinical has the features of simple and reasonable of inspectors and is the epochimaking transform of inspecting means.structure¡¢stable performance¡¢friendly interface¡¢intuitionistic and lively operation.Operator can gain the method of operation without special training.It thoroughly changs the shortcomings such as no quantization standard and randomness of man-made detection ,allows normal inspector to obtain the inspection techique which can just be done with abundant experience in the past,greatly reduces the knowledge pressure
  • High intelligentification degree,automatic detection¡¢automatic analysis and automatic calibrate function assure the accuracy of detecting data under any amplified multiplying factor,it can objectively¡¢accurately and scientifically provide detecting data for the multi-analysis of sperm quality.
  • Overall ¡¢intuitionistic data image detecting analysis,abundant detecting data,overall analytical data,detection of 34-item semen index,three speed distribution graph,quick detecting,transient completion of detecting analysis. It greatly relieves the work intensity of working man and effectively reduces pollution.strong maneuverability,the function of count display on the same screen,immediate display of detecting data,repeated verification of detecting results,direct¡¢clear¡¢beautiful printing report and statement design makes you clearly understand the diagnostic results
  • It has database function,testing results can be stored in the system harddisk, it also has the function of multi-inquiry¡¢modification¡¢statistics and testing report printing and provides advanced means for clinical scientific research and teaching.strong expanded function,it can be used in the analysis and detection of the features of bolld corpusculus and Escherichia by simple threshold can also be used in special profession such as animal and animal husbandry.
Main Testing Items
  • Sperm density¡¢sperm motility rate¡¢sperm movement locus¡¢sperm movement profile
  • Average curve motion speed, curve motion total sperm count, curve motion total motile sperm count,motility rate of curve motion.
  • Average rectilinear motion speed, rectilinear motion total sperm count, rectilinear motion total motile sperm count,motility rate of rectilinear motion
  • Average path motion-- average speed,total sperm count, total motile sperm count,motility rate of average path
  • Classified statistics of sperm motion speed ---a grade quick prorsad motility rate,b grade slow prorsad motility rate,c grade non- prorsad movement rate and d grade extremely slow or immobility rate
  • Sperm wobble ability,Sperm sideswing value, Sperm caning frequency, rectilinear motion rate,total sperm number
  • Linear velocity,Sperm average movement angle,rectilinear motion sperm number

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